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OH yea... I made another scarf... [Jan. 13th, 2004|04:41 pm]

Well I made another scarf... I made like 3, but I gave them away before I took pictures... Here's the one I made in England. heheheCollapse )
I'm rather proud of it, and it's comfy and nice, AND ALL MINE! for once....
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2004|12:39 pm]

hi there everyone! i'm brand new to this community and even though i've been knitting for years its been pretty self taught. i'm definitely not an expert, not even close. i was wondering if anyone knew how to read patterns. not just the patterns that use abbreviations (i.e.: k2, p2, etc) but the ones that have boxes with slashes in different directions. does anyone know what i'm talking about? thanks in advance and i really hope this turns into a nice community.
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2004|11:19 pm]
I think there may be a pattern for a hubba hubba hot scarf in Stitch N Bitch that I want to try and make for my next project, but I do not have the book.

It is green and black stripededy, very thin stripes, and wayyy cute.

If anyone has the book, or knows of a similar pattern, could they help a sista out?
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Here are some things I've crocheted. [Dec. 25th, 2003|05:37 pm]

I have yet to send these out...

Here's a tiny scarf thing I'm making for my friend.
more hereCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2003|01:33 pm]
Hi yes my name is Josh and I was wondering if someone could teach me how to knit. I am a 21 year old male and I wish to become a "closet knittosexual".

And I'm not kidding.

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Another hip hip hooray [Dec. 22nd, 2003|11:18 am]
So, I'm a very newbie, and I finished my first scarf on ... Saturday. It's not very long (hitting below the boobays) but that is because I made it wider and then ran out of yarn. I'm working on my second one right now, a fuzzy one for my best friend. I learned to purl while doing it, but I'm convinced you cannot tell it is purled at all.

Bexy, it would be super rad if you put some linkages in the userinfo for everyone, could we do it? Maybe to other knitting communities and to websites that have the information?
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hoorah hoorah! [Dec. 3rd, 2003|02:43 am]

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finally i am done with my aunt's scarf! it's like one hundred feet long. well not really. but it's long and thick and furry and purple, and yay! normally i am not a fan of the way garter stitch looks, but with the fuzzies in this one it turned out pretty well.

she better like it! we'll see on xmas eve....
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